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I have not received or am not going to be receiving funding from any other agency (e.g. the conference organizers, state branches, government, ICMR, pharmaceutical companies, and my institution) for attending this conference.

I will submit a brief report about the conference, my experience and how it benefitted me to the IADVL after the conference.

As an IADVL member can avail only one IADVL scholarship each for national and international conferences in his/her lifetime, I declare that I have not availed an IADVL scholarship for any national/international (strike out as required) conference in the past.

I will abide by the decision of the judges.

All statements made above by me are true. If any are found false, I abide by the rules of the IADVL to take appropriate action which may include refund of the scholarship amount and disqualification from future grants/scholarships/awards.

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